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Fits most shoes with exposed laces 

Complete Kit includes:
2 Clear Base Strips
2 Black/Black Traction Pads
1 (2oz.) Bottle of Traction Gel


Base Strips should last at least 1 year of heavy use. 

Traction Pads should last a season with proper cleaning after every 2-3 uses. (see FAQs) 

2oz Traction Gel should last 1-2 months of regular use





Court Grabber Black Black Traction Kit

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$32.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Black
  • Your Court Grabbers allow you to restore High Performance Traction to your shoes where you need it most- on the court, during play, without using your hands! Once you make Court Grabbers part of your everyday equipment, your days of slipping on the court are over.

    Grip, Squeak & Win with Court Grabbers!

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