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Hello my name is Seth McLaughlin and with the help of my dad Steve, we developed Court Grabbers® to finally give players, in all indoor sports, the ability to control their traction where they play- ON THE COURT, DURING PLAY, WITHOUT USING YOUR HANDS. Even while moving!

The inspiration for Court Grabbers® came when I was 10 years old, and myself and my teammates kept slipping and falling at basketball practice.

All of my teammates had brand-new, expensive shoes. In spite of this, they were falling all over the court! We thought there had to be a solution to the problem other than the old, ineffective “solutions” of sticky mats and wet towels and the very unhealthy habit of wiping your shoes with your hands or licking your hands and wiping your shoes.

​All previous “solutions” have the same major flaw- they are applied off the court and quickly wear off once you walk on the court. We realized that what was needed was a way to clean the dust off your shoes while you were on the court, during play!  It had to be light so the player would not feel it on the shoe, and it had to be durable and not cause any problems on the court.

We knew this would be a tremendous benefit to players in basketball, volleyball, racquetball, pickleball and all indoor court sports.

Athletes in 16 sports in 21 countries have found our equipment allows them to play at a higher level of performance and safety and allows them to completely eliminate the unhealthy and energy-sapping habit of wiping their shoes for traction from their game.

Our patented design provides the most dependable “On-Court” traction in the history of sports.

Thousands of athletes around the world have made Court Grabbers a part of their everyday equipment, for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, pickleball and many other sports. We have been overwhelmed by the feedback about our equipment.  Players love the incredible traction and how easy Court Grabbers are to use. Coaches love that their players can execute plays without the worry of slipping. Parents, especially moms, love that we’ve eliminated the need to wipe your filthy shoes with your hands for traction.

It’s simple- Court Grabbers® is the best solution ever developed for the worldwide problem of slippery courts.

Wipe, Squeak and Win- Get A Grrip with Court Grabbers

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