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Our Customers Are Our Biggest Fans... And We're Theirs!

Our customers are raving fans! We can't thank our customers enough for their support; and we love when we hear feedback and when you take the time to let us know how you like the product, how it impacted your performance. When you take the time to write a testimonial, it helps us and helps encourage other athletes to improve their game, keep it safe and healthy! Thank you!  If you have a testimonial or a story you'd like to share, please email Court Grabbers® at ​ Thank you for your continued interest and support of Court Grabbers®! 


Rocky Carson,
5 Time World Champion

“Court Grabbers give me maximum traction for maximum explosion when playing one of the fastest sports on earth.”



Hi Steve, I got court grabbers to give them a try on the table tennis court, especially when the venue for table tennis is on concrete or wood floors.  I am happy to report that after 3 good training sessions, I have found that the Court Grabbers not only work but work even more effectively than having a damp towel next to the side of the table to wipe the soles of my shoes off every few points.  The grip seems to last longer than when using the towel and since it is a couple of quick wipes with the Court Grabbers it does not interrupt the rhythm of the game. I will recommend them to my other table tennis comrades.  
- Dwight N

My son got a chance to try it in practice and had no slippage. We both loved Court Grabbers and I will be ordering another kit very soon.  Thanks again!
Malcolm, Parent

We did receive the Court Grabbers and one of my daughters used them last night at a church gym that is particularly bad for traction.  They seemed to work great ... my daughter who wore them was no longer slipping and the other daughter with the same brand of shoes was slipping all over.  They were very easy to use ... just wipe the foot across the top of the other shoe like you previously would on the side of your sock.  Nice to not worry about them straining something or falling from slipping.  We are going to order a pair today for our other daughter!!

- Kristy, Coach and Parent

Just one word "FANTASTIC". My grandsons 6th grade team was relegated to the old gym on campus. Never mopped and only swept randomly. So slippery that he kept sliding and falling when running lines. This was on expensive indoor only shoes. Court Grabbers solved that problem. He saw an immediate difference in traction. Has since used it in all practices and games. They are easy to use and the swipe and clean action has become almost automatic. He is totally sold on them as am I. I will be ordering a second set for his other pair of shoes.

- Dennis O, basketball grandfather,  California

Got some new shoes so I waited to put on my Court Grabbers until I had a new tournament. So I went to Tennesee for their state doubles this past weekend and came out with a Silver Medal in mixed open doubles. The Court Grabbers really helped. So easy to use and gave me great traction. I'm so glad I bought them! 

- Kelly, Racquetball 

My younger daughter used them in a basketball game and loved them! She didn't slide around the court.

- Frances, Parent/Coach California

I recently used Court Grabbers in a volleyball game and they worked very well!! 

- Anna H, 7th grader Baltimore City

We got the Court Grabbers on Thursday (very fast!) and my son used them this weekend for 4 games. He’s loving them! He really feels like they’ve been helping him slip so much less. I asked him if he’s consciously cleaning his shoes when he feels like they’re slipping again and that’s exactly what he’s doing. He feels like it’s also really helping his defense. So happy we found your site! Thanks for checking in.

- Gina G, basketball parent 

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